There are two voluntary associations namely “Mathika matha” (a ladies' association) and “Dmmavichaya Sambodhi “(an association for the promotion of the Buddhist doctrine) vested with the test of administration, existence and security of this meditation center, to achieve eight-fold common basic aims for the benefit of the humanity, Who enjoy the bliss of spirituality, in Sri Lanka and all over the world Buddhists/ non Buddhists, irrespective of race, caste, creed and religion. 
The Meditation center popularly known as “ Kurulukele”  ( birds Sanctuary a bare hill shelter ) situated  in a fascinating, highly secured urban environment , is maintained administered , to achieve the said aims with the keen and invaluable contributions, received from the people of the locality and the general public.  There are no other sources of income either from the state or otherwise.  We are quite contented over the religious senses received to the world, with the keen contributions, received from the general public.  We respectfully invite the world community by to extend its participation, enabling us to perform this noble service successfully, strongly and widely.
The volunteers Buddhists, non Buddhists may contribute to achieve the said noble aims by erecting necessary buildings, supplying essential building materials and financial assistance for the welfare of the general public.  All financial contributions are credited to the Meditation centers association account.  We hope to create an opportunity of watching with your own eyes the noble religion services rendered, through launching a Web site, May all beings happy and contented.  May their expectation be achieved by the bless of the “triple gems "
Ven. Thapowanaye Niwatha Thero