Thapowanaye Niwatha Thero

    The chief incumbent, Thapowanaye Niwatha Thero was born on the 11th of August 1951 in Maligathenn, Weyangoda, Aththanagalla in Gampaha district and his primary education was given in a school in a village temple, secondary education in Bandaranayake Central college, Weyangoda. Thereafter he got his ordination on the Wesak full moon paya day in 1971 in Gothama Thapowanaya, Kalapaluwawa, Colombo, under the guidance of The Most Venerable Kudaweelle Wangeesa Nayake Thero ( Sri Kalyana Wansa Nikaye Adhukarana Sanganayaka Kammatthanachariya ). Then he got his religious education in Dharmaraja Piriwena, Katugasthota, Kandy, saintly discipline (Dharma Vinaya) under the guidance of The Most Venerable Dodampahala Chandrasiri Thero, the present chief incumbent of Kalyanawansa Nikaya. He got his education of meditation from late Kahatapitiye Sumathipala Nayaka Thero, the chief incumbent of Meditation Center, Kanduboda and The Most Venerable Late Balangoda Ananda Maythree Mahanayaka Thero.

    He got his higher ordination on the 10th of July 1975, at the limitation of Udakukkhapa in Shaylabimbaramaya, Dodandoova. His teachers were The Most Venerable Kudawelle Wangeesa Thero and Devinuwara Amarasiri Mahanayake Thero.

    Being stagnated for about eight years Kegalle Thapowanaye needed some renovation and the contributors always pleaded to the chief thero for a capable person for the purpose. Thapowanaye Niwatha Thero was appointed for it as the capabilities were identified by him. At the arrival of 2nd January 1976 Niwatha Thero realized the difficulty in construction of the place.  No permanent building , no road, no electricity or water supply in the place. Even a foster contribution. Life became very difficult in the temporary thatched huts. It became a challenge, for he had spent his life in a comfortable and secure place like Thapowanaya Mulleriyawa. It became an adventure to live among venomous serpents. He controlled himself the thought of going back to Colombo, advising himself to get used to lead the hard life in it and devoted his life for Triple Gems. He was an exemplar of greater attempt, determination and devotion. You could be able to learn how the world religious services have being fruiting now. More than half of his life is spent in Kegalle Abhayabhumi Thapowanaya. He was honoured with the title "Sri Wangeesa Wansalanakara Wipassana Kammatthanacharya" and assistant chief incumbent in Sabaragamuwa province. he is appointed the Karmacharya in Sri Kalyaniwansa Nikaya and Vidayaka Karaka Sanga Sabhawa in 2010.